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Hawaii Cities We Service 

 Hilo, Island of Hawaii
 Honolulu, Island of Oahu
 Kahului, Island of Maui
 Nawiliwili, Island of Kauai
 Pearl City, Island of Oahu
 Lahaina, Island of Maui
 Laie, Island of Oahu
 Lihue, Island of Kauai
  Kaneohe, Island of Oahu
 Waialua, Island of Oahu
 Kihei, Island of Maui
 Hana, Island of Maui
 Hawi, Island of Hawaii 
 Honokaa, Island of Hawaii
 Kailua, Island of Hawaii
 Pahoa, Island of Hawaii
 Pahala, Island of Hawaii
 Hanalei, Island of Kauai
 Kapaa, Island of Kauai
 Kekaha, Island of Kauai

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Hawaii Auto Transport Service-Frequently Asked Questions
Hawaii auto shipping

Where do I ship my vehicle from to get it to Hawaii? 

There are only three ports in the U.S. that ship vehicles to Hawaii:

• Oakland, California
• Long Beach, California
• Seattle, Washington

Can I ship my vehicle to Hawaii from an east coast or gulf coast port?

No, there are no ships that sail to Hawaii from the east coast or from any gulf ports, because in order to get to Hawaii from the Atlantic, the ship would have to travel all the way down through  the Panama Canal and then to Hawaii, a sea voyage of 6696 nautical miles, instead of the 2231 nautical miles from Long Beach, CA.

Shipping Check list

Pickup Check list


1. All bookings to Hawaii are pre-paid prior to the shipping.



2. Vehicle must be in running condition, with a working
 emergency brake.



3.  All vehicles must be clean (interior & exterior), prior
 to delivery to the port.



4. Remove personal items, any questions see our FAQs.



5. Make sure no cracks are in the windshield or other  



6. Gas tank less than ¼ full.



 Make sure you vehicle is available for pick up prior
  to going to the destination port.




 Find the port location/address of where to pick
 up your vehicle.




 Bring valid ID and shipping number.




 If someone other than the shipper is picking up
 the vehicle please note that a letter of
 authorization is required.











How do I get my vehicle to one of the ocean ports to ship to Hawaii?

You can drive your vehicle to the port yourself if it is convenient, or we can arrange to have one of our car carriers pick up your vehicle at the city and state where the vehicle is located.

What do I need to provide for a booking to ship to Hawaii?

You need the following information to place a booking to Hawaii: year, make, model, license plate number, color, and VIN number. For door-to-port shipping, name, address, and telephone number. For port-to-port shipping, need the name and telephone number of the person who will pick up the vehicle in Hawaii.

How do I obtain a booking to ship my vehicle?

Call one of our agents at 800-779-3329 and they will assist you with your booking order. Auto shipping booking is required prior to delivery of your vehicle to the port.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping to Hawaii?

You need to bring with you a complete set of keys: Ignition, doors, trunk, etc.  The vehicle must be in running condition with working brakes and parking brake. All vehicles must be qualified for street use.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before I ship it to Hawaii?

YES.  All vehicles must have a clean exterior so that a vehicle condition report can be conducted at the loading port. Make sure there is no dried or caked on dirt in the wheel wells, Cracked windshields or windows, dirty vehicles, or vehicle leaking fluids cannot be accepted for shipment to Hawaii. Bring the current vehicle registration.

Can I ship anything inside of my vehicle to Hawaii?

No, the only items acceptable for shipping in your vehicle are those items which are normally attached to the vehicle, or permanently installed in the dash, doors, deck, or console. A child car seat is acceptable.

How much gas should be in my vehicle when shipping it?

ONLY ¼ tank of gas. If the vehicle has more than a ¼ tank of gas the port will not accept the vehicle. In some cases the port will drain the fuel for an additional charge. U.S. Coast Guard regulation 176.905 requires that fuel tanks on all motor vehicles carried on a vessel may not be more than ¼ full.

How long does it take for my vehicle to get to Hawaii?

Once loaded onto the vessel the ocean time is approximately five days. The port takes an additional 3-5 days to unload all of the vehicles and freight. If your vehicle is going to a neighboring island, it will be barged over, taking up to an additional 3-5 days.  Once your vehicle is ready for pickup, you will receive a courtesy call from one of our agents.

How long can I leave my vehicle at the port after it arrivals in Hawaii?

Once your vehicle has been off-loaded, customer service at the port of arrival will call you when your vehicle is ready for pickup.  You have several days in which to pick up your vehicle, however, each port will charge storage fees as follows:

Honolulu and Nawiliwili:
 4 Business Days Free
 $6.88 on day 5
 $9.63 on days 6-10
 $19.25 for each day thereafter

 2 Business Days Free
 $6.88 on day 3-5
 $9.63 on day 6-10
 $19.25 for each day thereafter

 3 Business Days Free
 $6.88 on day 4-5
 $9.63 on day 6-10
 $19.25 for each day thereafter

  Long Beach, CA
 4 Business Days Free
 $15.00 for each day thereafter

 Oakland, CA
 4 Business Days Free
 $15.00 for each day thereafter
  Seattle, WA
 4 Business Days Free
 $15.00 for each day thereafter

  * Please make payment at the port when you collect your vehicle. please note these are NOT  transportation fees, they are Port storage fees.

Will there be any fees dues for my vehicle when it arrives in Hawaii?

You are required to register your vehicle with the State of Hawaii within thirty (30) calendar days from the time you pickup your automobile from the Port of Hawaii. The State will allow you to do one of the two registration options: 1. transfer your vehicle registration to Hawaii registration, or 2. obtain a permit to operate your vehicle with its out-of-state plates until those plates expire. In either case, when you go to the Motor Vehicle Registration Department, you must take with you: 1. the original motor vehicle registration, copies will not be accepted; 2. your copy of the Bill of Lading (delivery receipt); 3. proof of No-Fault insurance - You should verify with your insurance agent if your Mainland policy will be good in Hawaii and/or obtain a "Hawaii Proof of Insurance Card" before you leave the Mainland; 4. current safety inspection certificate - You may take your automobile to any one of the authorized Safety Inspection Stations located throughout the State.